One Dress Pattern, Five Different Styles

One of the first patterns that we introduce in our class is the classic strapless dress.  It’s quick and easy to make and gives even very young kids a huge sense of achievement

‘Look what I made today!’

‘Wow, I’ve just made a new dress for my Barbie!’

You can see a photo of the dress that we make in class above – a beautiful raspberry pink felt dress, secured at the waist with a blue colored rubber band (a great way to use up any leftover loom bands!).

Now that the kids have got the hang of the basic pattern, they can get creative.

Here are five ideas to style up their new crafty skill!


1. Add a ribbon belt



So simple!  Tie a ribbon (we’ve used a blue velvet one here) around the waist, over the rubber band.

2. Add a layer of lace


Wow, so pretty!  Just cut the pattern out twice, once in felt and then in lace, and layer them.  Here we have used a string of tiny pearl beads to secure the dress at the waist.

3. Use a safety pin



Instead of using a rubber band or a ribbon to secure the waist of the dress, here we’ve used a mini safety pin and some leopard print fleece fabric.

4. Make a statement belt


Make the belt the focus of the outfit – here we have used a long, wide, leopard print ribbon and tied it at the front of the dress.

5. Use fabric pens


Let the kids go crazy and decorate their designs with fabric pens – shapes, lines, words, flowers, hearts….

One pattern, five different styles!


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